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CAPS AN 05022017_PSBDPG Anti Abuse Anti Harrasment Policy
higg-index-2-0-environment-facility Anti Corruption & Bribery Policy
higg index 2-0 social labor facility Anti Harassment Policy
  Anti Harassment Policy
  Chemical Use & Purchase Policy
  Child Labour Policy
  Code of Conduct
  Compensation & Benefits Policy
  Compliance with Laws & Workplace Regulations Policy
  Discrimination Policy
  Environmen Policy
  Forced Labour Policy
  Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining Policy
  Grivence Policy (UDL)
  INDEX peacock
  Maternity Policy
  Procedure of Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.)
  Recruitment Policy
  Remediation for Child Labour Policy
  Security Policy
  Sharp Tools Policy
  Social Responsibilities
  Working hour policy
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